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Because of Corona. Global 'Health and Tourism' Presidents Avoid Handshake

Mostafa Nasser

Because of Corona. Global 'Health and Tourism' Presidents Avoid Handshake

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) published a photo of its president, Zurab Bololitsili, who is president of the World Health Organization ( WHO), and Dr Tedros Adhanom Gbreses during an official meeting to follow up on the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, where the two presidents avoided shaking hands in a message to the world with safety guidelines for preventing infection. With the virus.

The two presidents were shown standing in front of each other, exchanging smiles without handhaking, where handhaking is one of the most important ways to transmit the virus directly and one of the guidance urged by the two organizations to prevent the spread of the virus.

During the meeting in Geneva, the two organizations agreed to increase cooperation to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, stressing the need to strengthen coordination between the two UN agencies on dealing with the crisis and coordination on the ongoing health emergency.

The guidelines agreed by the two sides included the importance of international cooperation and responsible leadership at this critical time, and the need for the solidarity of the tourism sector in the countries as well as tourists themselves and responsibility to help reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19 until it is surrounded and disappeared.

The two organizations stressed the key role tourism can play in containing covid-19 outbreaks and in leading future response efforts, as well as responsible communications and reporting of covid-19 outbreaks worldwide, and emphasizing the importance of ensuring that all communications and procedures Evidence-based to avoid confusion within sectors of society and spread panic.

They agreed to continue to communicate in the coming period with all the regional committees of the World Tourism Organization and the President of the Executive Board, as well as with other United Nations bodies, including ICAO, IMO and the International Transport Federation. Air IATA and with key stakeholders in the tourism sector to ensure joint coordination until the transit of the crisis.
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