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Video.. Europe's leaders scare their people from Corona, Trump worried about his injury

Mostafa Nasser

Video.. Europe's leaders scare their people from Corona, Trump worried about his injury

At a time when the world is facing a strong challenge of the spread of the Coronavirus in the various survival stake of the Earth and its loss of thousands of lives, the world's leaders' handling of this health crisis has varied between trying to prepare their people for the next worst or minimizing the reality that has already become bitter.
Europe's leaders couldn't hide the serious concern of the Corona outbreak.

Their statements increased the horror of the deadly virus.

In alarming words, the British prime minister warned his people of the worst to come.

In a speech, Johnson told the British: Prepare for the separation of your loved ones.

"I have to be clear," Johnson said. We're facing the worst health crisis in decades.

Some say it's like seasonal influenza, but that's not true.

I have to tell the British people: a lot of families will lose their loved ones.

Before that, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her pessimistic predictions and said

70% of Germans may get corona

That's after more than 1,150 cases

The French president said: "Corona is the worst health crisis we face this century.

Macron announced the suspension of the study in France and asked the elderly to stay at home

And on the other side of the Atlantic.

President Trump has made decisions to contain the virus.

The most notable was the suspension of travel with 26 European countries

The President of the United States is also deeply concerned about his personal safety.

After the announcement of the injury of a Brazilian official he met a few days ago in Maralago.

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